Dennis Ezaga
Dennis EzagaHead of Business Banking
FSDH Merchant Bank Limited

Dennis has over 22 years of demonstrated career success in banking encompassing experience in Product propositions, Sales, Remittances and Banking Operations

He is a futurist and thought leader in innovation. His interests include Consumer Behavior and biotech applications in Artificial Intelligence.

As Head of Digital Innovation in the Business Banking Group at First City Monument Bank Limited, Dennis is responsible for initiating and driving digitalization of liability and asset propositions across customer sectors with focus on growing customer acquisition, adoption, transacting base and revenue whilst prospecting for and partnering with value adding tech companies and ecosystems within value chains to create and enhance customer experiences in delivered solutions and platforms.

Dennis is a certified ISO lead auditor in quality management systems and a fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria and the Institute of credit administration of Nigeria.