What has been your personal takeaway from the experience of the COVID19 crisis in terms of its effect on business operations and re-strategizing the new way forward?
COVID19 is a crisis which has really hit us hard and changed our perspective and way we look at things . This will change the dynamics of business from usual brick and mortar to more virtual . Digital is the new buzz word but financial services companies have to realise that they have to gain/build customer confidence virtually especially in emerging markets where bank defaults will become common place as delinquency start reflecting as the denominators shrink and numerators balloon

According to you what are the emerging technologies or innovations that you think will become crucial in the financial sector, keeping in mind the current global situation?
Its evident that digital is the next revolution but “Digital Alone “ is not as distribution remains the key . Low cost neighbourhood distribution ( Agency banking ) financial services models with a robust digital platform and smart analytics is whats going to work especially in emerging markets of Africa .

3How ready is the region in adapting to the change in operations and how are government bodies assisting in the implementation of the changes?
Africa has been at the fore front of digital financial services and financial institutions who have realised or would realise that faster would be the winners . Each economy in Africa is diverse and so are the reactions of the Govt agencies . Regulatory changes have to be at a much faster pace especially in Franchophone Africa which covers 20 plus countries in SSA .

AI and Robotics, Blockchain, Data Science, Digital Engagement and CRM, Financial Inclusions – Which area has noted most promising adaptation in terms of innovation and digital integration? Why?
Other than digital engagement and financial inclusion Africa banking needs to stick to the basics and winner will emerge . Financial inclusion is key to Africa

How would you think attendees will benefit by attending Africa Bank 4.0 Summit?
Attendees will benefit immensely from the summit in terms of exchange of ideas , technologies and help them go back to the drawing board and get there teams to start implementing what works