As we move into 2021, coping with lingering effects of the COVID-19, what would be your personal takeaway from the crisis and why?

Crises, small or big, are inevitable in the life of organizations, countries. It is therefore essential tobuild organizational readiness to deal with the crises and resilience so as emerge stronger, not weaker from crises. The best way to do this is keep investing in people, systems and technologies – with a big emphasis on people.

What are the emerging technologies or innovations that you think will become crucial in the fiscal sector?

The level of disruption brought by COVID is such that it will result into profound changes in behavior/preferences of customers – at work, at school, at home etc. Some pre-existing trends have been dramatically accelerated, such as e-commerce, cash less payments. As a response to the pandemic, I think Governments, companies will invest in health systems, health centered technologies to be able to better manage the next health crises.

What is future of NEO banking in Africa? And what are your thoughts on “Building a Pan African NEO Bank”?

Regulation on the continent is still quite fragmented and conservative, I think it will take time to build an African Neo Bank. However, we are likely to see some companies offering one service, such as cross border payments or loans to expand the product offering gradually until they can effectively compete with banks.

AI and Robotics, Blockchain, Data-science, Digital Engagement and CRM, Financial Inclusions – Which area has noted most promising adaptation in terms of innovation and digital transformation?

With increasing demands for compliance, requirements for real time and personalized services, Data science, AI and cloud computing are in my view the most promising technologies in the short to medium term.

What is the future of digital payments and innovation in Africa?

The future of payments in Africa is mobile payments – it is actually the present already. We will see more innovations in terms of interoperability to allow payments across borders, payment schemes and to improve security.

How would you think attendees will benefit by attending 2nd Africa Bank 4.0 Summit?

I think they will get insights from speakers/ networking on how best to position their businesses in a post covid era.