Africa Bank 4.0 Summit brings together the haut monde of Africa’s financial sector to address solutions around transforming Africa’s digital financial services roadmap keeping view how the 4th Industrial Revolution makes an impact. This must attend summit focuses on how financial services providers can capitalize on new technology to bring more value-added services to the mass market customer segment, what are the opportunities in collaborating with third party disruptors to enhance the customer value chain, and how to ensure a safe and secured experience.

Gathering over 500 eminent names in the BFSI sector will login and be a part of the virtual live event – Africa Bank 4.0 Summit, to brainstorm development strategies and solutions for the challenges that the sector is facing currently.

Taking place on the 26 – 27 August 2020, (Wednesday – Thursday), 1pm – 5.30 pm ( East African Standard Time), this event aims to evaluate the current global crisis and lay strategies of a sustainable future with the focus of adapting emerging technologies and innovation in the business operations, in order to make the sector digitally advanced and prepared for the future.

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Why Attend

Learn what Africa’s Fintech CEOs have to say

Acquire imperative knowledge from the experts and learn how to stay relevant amid a global pandemic

Networking with Top BFSI Leaders

Learn and grow from the limitless networking opportunities with digital transformation experts. Flourish yourself with the most recent advances

Find the Right Partners & Solutions

Meet global technology solution providers. Understand how they can customize their solutions fitting your needs ensuring maximum ROI and operational excellence

Fulfill an all Elite African Objective

Learn from BFSI influencers about artificial intelligence, data analytics, emerging technologies, strategic plans and innovative solutions that can lead you to actionable education

What’s so Special About #AfricaBankSummit

  • Understand how enabling Artificial Intelligence in Financial Inclusion works and what are the benefits your organization can reap

  • Witness how an improved cyber security framework can protect customer data in digital financial services

  • Why is it important to invest in UX design to implement a more frictionless customer experience?

  • Leveraging IoT to achieve customer data analytics excellence

  • See how BFSI organizations driving innovation and can maintain customer choice by providing them the ideal solutions they want

  • Understand better how FinTechs and Banks can work effectively for a financially inclusive Africa

  • See how Open Innovation and APIs can improve customer experience in banking and insurance

  • Learn from the big lads who’ve implemented AI, RPA, Cloud and other Emerging Technologies in their systems and processes only able to retain customers and improve turnaround time

  • Examine how blockchain can enhance secured payments transactions

Who will Benefit by Attending?

Central Banks and Related Government Authorities:

Director General, Governor, Sub Governors, Heads of: Banking Supervision, Banking Operations, National Payments, Financial Inclusion, Integration, FinTech, MFIs, Digital Transformation, E-Services, E-Payments, Data Analytics.

Banks, Insurance, MFIs and NGOs:

CEO, COO, CIO, CDO, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers and Managers of: Retail Banking, Digital Banking, Corporate Banking, Digital Transformation, Information Technology, Agent Banking, Agent Network, Deliver Channels, Digital Channels, Innovation, Quality, Customer Experience, UX, Design, Mobile Payments, Digital Payments, Financial Inclusion, MicroFinance, Cloud, AI, RPA, IoT, Data Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Digital Marketing, Intelligent Automation, Cyber Security, Fraud, Insurance, Bancassurance, Acquiring Business, Open Platforms, APIs, Products.

FinTech and InsurTech:

Owners, CIO, CDO, Head of New Business, Head of Innovation, Head of Products.

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