Ahmed Sabri El Shanawany
Ahmed Sabri El ShanawanyHead of Mobile Money
Orange Egypt

Ahmed Sabri El-Shanawany comes across with 18 years of diversified banking experience with Commercial International Bank (CIB) in serving corporate and retail segments by developing a customer centric approach grounded in business realities, to deliver digital services that are relevant, affordable and accessible to the end user. Currently Ahmed is the Head Of Mobile Money at Orange Egypt that exists in 17 countries with global exposure combining the telco experience with banking to serve and penetrate the un-banked segments to achieve financial inclusion as a strategic objective. Developing significant experience in digital payments along with a wide knowledge in establishing payments propositions, processes and awareness of the wider payments market including alternative payments, wallets, mobile payments, and act as an industry expert from being exposed to the best practices to always meet customer expectations. Introduced the first collaboration model between banks and community sharing platform company through offering integrated solutions for the first time in the market along with developing digital micro loan in the country based on alternative data sources combining the whole digital channels relying on consumer behavior.