Amedeo Anniciello
Amedeo AnnicielloChief Executive
Standard Bank DRC

Amedeo Anniciello is a seasoned corporate banker with 36 years banking experience, primarily with leading international banks (Citi, Société Générale and Standard Bank) holding senior General Management positions as Chief Executive, Head of CIB and Risk. He possess 15 years of experience working in various geographies across Africa (outside South Africa), including some of the toughest markets such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Zambia and Algeria with highly complex regulatory and operating environments. His success in these markets have been in driving change and delivering exceptional results specific to the countries, in the face of harsh regulatory challenges, difficult operating situations, hostile business environments and operational constraints such as resources limitations. Amedeo is recognised as a disciplined and dedicated leader and manager, who leads from the front by setting the example and who will take on difficult and demanding tasks, delivering results timeously, able to take the tough decisions, who leads his teams to succeed and who inspires others to drive themselves to achieve and attain the highest possible results.