João Gaspar
João Gaspar President

João has a degree in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications from the Higher Institute of Engineering in Lisbon, having several specialization courses in technology and business leadership, namely in the area of Digital Financial Services. He worked for 16 years at SIBS, Portugal’s interbank network and was director of Portugal Telecom with functions to provide services to the Banking sector. Since 2009 he has been a consultant for digital financial services and payment systems in the African continent, residing in Maputo since 2013. He is currently CEO-founder of Paytek-Africa and president of Mozambique FinTech Association. 

  • FINTECH.MZ – Mozambique Fintech Association founder and President
  • CEO and founder of Paytek-Africa, a Fintech Payment Service Provider
  • DFS Consultant, working with NGO´s and International Consulting Companies,
  • Digital Frontiers Institute Maputo COP Facilitator